You're probably asking what the hell is this site?  Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself.   My name is Chris Weston and I have always been a gear head at heart.  In 2020 my wife and I purchased a 1973 Hurst Oldsmobile to drive around and take to the shows.  We found we enjoyed it a lot so we started looking for a car that my wife could take as well to the shows and enjoy driving around.  Somehow in that search we ended up buying 2 Saturn Skys within 6 days of each other.   My wife's car is the Red Line model and mine is the base 2.4L model so we will be doing different things to both.  I've decided to document and share the work and fun we have with these cars and if all goes well offer some of the things we have made for other Kappa enthusiast.